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2004-08-24 - In The Wee Hours

I've been meaning to write more. I really have. I'm going to fast forward a bit past the Clearwater and Falcon Ridge recaps that normally would have appeared ere weeks before.

There's been so much boiling in me and now I think it's time to let the cap of the bottle blow off and for me to shoot off some steam.

I recently screwed up and walked away from a relationship. We weren't right for each other, and I was too stupid to realize that until too late.

There. I feel a bit better now.

Sunday I went to the joyful wedding of a pair of friends of mine that I have known ever since I joined RITSMA back in... ummm... damn, how long have I been a member?

But anyway, the wedding itself was lovely. Especially the reception. A whole bunch of my core college friends were there. It was like another reunion, or reunion picnic 8.5 or something.

The cermony itself wasn't so great for me. First of all, it was in a roman catholic church. Very nice and all, a small gathering of friends, and a kick ass folk music group, complete with an interpreter. It was all well and good except for the deacon who had a problem stumbling over his own words. And who can forget the rabbit? (you had to be there).

What bothered me more is that in this time of a sign of greatest love, the deacon used the wedding as a chance to give an anti-gay-marriage screed, saying things like "marriage is under attack".

Did the deacon miss his own words about love, and happiness, and community, and sharing? Was he that far blinded by the words he was saying that he was missing out on love?

Oh well, back to the real story.

Gap Mangione. C'mon, we're all music people, and most of us rate pretty highly up the "geek" scale. They got Gap Mangione and his big band to play at the reception. Dude.

In lieu of a first dance (considering that Matt doesn't really dance it seems), the happy couple brought out their clarinets and had their "first performance", right along with the band. That was probably the coolest thing ever. I'd say that I could do something like that, but what would I do? Geek out on the computer? "First IM?" Yeah right.

I had fun, I danced, i saw the slide show the photographers had set up (all digital work, pictures from the earlier part were up on a laptop after dinner.) I had fun, and I got to see all my friends.

And I got to celebrate the first (one that I was invited to) wedding of my friends.


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